For over 30 years, Reggie has developed and honed his drumming skills and is one of Western Australia's top drum and percussion teachers - as well as a highly sought-after musician. In 2009, Reggie's drum DVD 'How to Improve Your Performance' was released nation-wide. Through years of teaching professionally, Reggie has developed his own unique program which allows hius students to be motivated,
focused and enthusiastic.

The Reggie D'Souza drum and percussion program accomodates students of all ages, from children to adults and all skill levels from beginners to professional musicians. The overall experience of making music together creates unity, motivation and group bpnding and best of all is FUN! The effect is instant anf infectious! By bringing people together with a common focus, drumming has the capacity to release negative feelings and leave people with a sense of belonging.

Drumming together is a great way to break the ice. Our drumming workshops are suitable for all ages and abilities. Participants are encouraged to take part as much or as little as they are comfortable with. A drumming workshop or a drum circle is a lively and fun activity for a family party, birthday, anniversary, hen's party, wedding, graduation and other celebrations.

All percussion instruments supplied.

Corporate Drumming Workshops for Team Building


Drumming Workshops for Schools

Helps the children develop their 'feel' for rhythm
Creates a feeling of unity and community
Opportunity to express themselves
Educates, enriches and inspires
Develops and raises awareness
Confidence building
Creative thinking
Dynamic and educational
Strengthens Concentration
Stimulates both sides of the brain
Captivates and maintains attention
Transforms, inspires and motivates
Gives them the sense of achievement
Expands their listening and music skills



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Be inspired and re-energised, get creative and let your energy flow!
Reggie creates an unforgettable, interactive percussion experience, tailoring each individual workshop to suit your conference, classroom, or occasion.

The overall experience of making music together creates unity, motivation and group bonding, encouraging cooperation above competition - and best of all is fun! The effect is instant and infectious!

The Benefits of Drumming and Percussion.

Unity: Drumming is a powerful experience of unity for a group, bringing people together with common focus. Drumming leaves people with a sense of belonging.

Skills Development: As a team building activity or training program it highlights the learning of a new skill and on top of that encourages the ability to embrace change as the session evolves. People learn to listen to each other and work in a cooperartive, rather than competitive manner.

Mental Shift: The effects of drumming on people's mental state is very profound in that focus, stress release group energy after a circle, all add together to leave people feeling both stimulated, relaxed and receptive. This is effective as a tone to set the atmosphere and tone of a conference, team building activity and corporate events.

Physical Shift: It is physical activity, which can be a great stress release. It breaks the ice and leaves people feeling relaxed. The feeling experienced after drumming in a group has been likened to the effect derived from meditiation and is therefore very rejuvenating.

Fun: Really fun way to do something together. Everybody will be smiling and in a great mood. Really breaks the ice. It's a real celebration as people relax and feel comfortable to interact with each other. Drumming / music has been used to celebrate, reward and inspire.

Relieve Stress: There are numerous ways this occurs - When people drum, they are generally having fun. It is difficult to be in a playful mood and stressed at the same time. Also, the drum has the capacity to release negative feelings, of which stress is clearly one.

Unique: Drumming is very memorable since it is such an unusual thing to do. Most people will never have drummed before - creating a lasting effect.

Multicultural Diversity: Drumming is a great way to open people up to the beauty of diverse cultures. It is a universal language and therefore showcases the power of multiculturalism . We can do entire shows without saying a word in English. using only body language.

'The Healing Power of the Drum' Robert Lawrence Friedman, psychotherapist & president of Stress Solutions Inc.